Why This Blog

Raisons d’être:1

  • Because I found myself writing longer and longer epistles via e-mail, and putting enough time, thought, and effort into them that I felt they were worth sharing with people outside the original conversation.
  • Because I got tired of trying to remember (and usually forgetting some of) all those additional intended recipients.
  • Because e-mails are less permanent, less formattable, and less easy-to-read (and to find) than a blog is.
  • Because writing for the public, even a very limited public, is a greater incentive to do better writing.
  • And, perhaps most of all, because my wife suggested it.

So if you send me an article or personal musing to which I (or the people I’ve been reading recently) have a worthwhile reply, please know there’s a decent chance it’ll end up here.


  • This blog is a medium, a venue, not a project.  As the title suggests, I have no goals for how often I will put content here.  My only goals are to speak when something needs to be said, to communicate clearly, and to benefit those who listen.
  • Over the next few days, I’ll be dredging up, editing, and posting some of my more recent e-mail missives (about technology, the problem of evil, the end of the world, and hell; but it’s really not as grim a lineup as it sounds, I promise!).  After that there’s no telling.  It could be anything from a book review to a recipe.
  • Unless your replies to anything I put here are specifically private, please post them as comments, rather than responding via e-mail.  I know others will be interested.

p.s.  The template I’ve originally selected for this blog is titled “Dusk To Dawn.”  The template may change at some point, but I do hope that thematic vector holds true for whatever gets posted here.  There may be some heavy topics at times, but if so, I intend always to end with the Living Hope of life in Christ.  So if I wander into actual griping and ranting, kick me, ok?


2 thoughts on “Why This Blog

  1. Lisa Adams says:

    Love you, babe! Now you have to help me reformat my blog ;).

  2. grandmaadams says:

    Ben, this is a good idea. Thank you, Lisa, for encouraging Ben to do it! You are both wonderful writers and it gives me joy to read your thoughts.
    ‘Dusk to Dawn’ is a perfect theme. Hopeful and encouraging!
    Love you both!

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